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normandy road trip

When most people book trips to France, they inevitably arrange to stay in Paris. And why not? It’s filled with beautiful history, fine wine, dining, and romance. However, making a journey to France without a Normandy road trip is a truly missed opportunity.

Normandy is just a few hours away from Paris, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. It’s charming, complete with little towns and villages, gorgeous coastal drives and lots of historic landmarks from the Middle Ages as well as World War II.

All you need to do is rent a car and you’re halfway there! To start your Normandy road trip, make your way to Honfleur. It’s a small yet lovely town on the coast of La Manche that was the inspiration for famous painters like Claude Monet. You can walk the Vieux Bassin, which is Honfleur’s breathtaking port. Seeing sights like this make it no surprise that Claude Monet was so inspired by this place.

Honfleur coast of La Manche that was the inspiration for famous painters like Claude Monet.

Additionally, in Honfleur, you’ll find vestiges from the Middle Ages and prime locations for romantic strolls along the beach. Near the water, the restaurants are a bit more expensive though so take your dinner plans into the center of the city where you’ll find delectable French cuisine at proper prices.

From there, you can journey to Bayeux from a coastal road that will give you the most spectacular views of the seaside. Once there, the Bayeux Cathedral in the city center makes for more wondrous photo opportunities. You’ll find plenty of places to lunch here, giving you a full belly to send you on your way to places lD-Day sites Omaha Beach or Utah Beach of course made famous by World War II D-Day when the allies arrived to free Europe from Nazi Germany rule.


Keep going and head along the coastal road to Granville, a beautiful town in Mont Saint-Michel Bay most noted for being the hometown of legendary fashion designer Christian Dior. If you have a passion for fashion, you might want to stop off here to visit the home where he grew up. There’s plenty more to do in Granville, from exploring the port to dining at one of the many delightful seafood restaurants.

From Granville, make your way to Mont Saint-Michel along the coastal road. You’ll get to take in the gorgeous views of Mont Saint-Michel Bay. If you have time, you can cross the bay by foot during low tide, however because it is extremely precarious, if you desire to take on this adventure, hiring a guide to keep you safe is absolutely mandatory. Do not attempt this without the assistance of a trained professional. If it interests you, take the time to book a tour from Saint-Jean-le-Thomas in advance.

Head back to Paris and you’ll never be the same after such a remarkable adventure. Paris takes all the credit for being a prime romance destination, but a Normandy road trip definitely gives it some very big competition.



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