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Depending on which country you’re coming from, the recent Brexit could play havoc with your travel plans. Or not.

If you are wondering will holidays cost more? The short answer is yes as “Open Skies” was the most obvious benefit of the EU but cheap flights are now heavily dependent on the UK striking deals with Norway who is not in the EU but is located within the EEC. A failure to negotiate a deal means the proverbial headache of every route between the UK and the EU might needing to be renegotiated on a bilateral basis meaning any additional costs are passed on. Uggh…

Where passengers’ rights are affected, automatic rights would end for UK airlines when flying from British airports, though EU airlines ‒ including Ryanair ‒ would continue to be governed by them. We can expect the British government to have it’s own set of rules before long.

Package Travel Regulations allow touring companies to apply surcharges when the cost of a packaged holiday increases after you booked because of currency exchange or fuel costs though the company must incur the first 2% and you have the right to cancel if the surcharge goes over 10%. If you have paid in full, then go you!

Of course there are a myriad of factors influenceing your trip and it’s worth investigating your options based on where you are coming from.

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