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winnerThe Hongkonger Antony Lau will surely smile extensively for his impressive creativity. From his bizarre but very stunning picture of a horseman trying to charge out of the morning mist of the winter season in Inner Mongolia, he managed to take the title: National Geographic’s Travel Photographer of the Year. This amateur photographer was on Friday awarded the incredible, competitive award.

“Just because taking photos is my passion, and I naturally love it, I can do anything to take an appealing picture,”

From the way he explained, it was evident he realized the picture could be appealing. He never bothered the very harsh and inclement conditions, during that morning. The reason he overlooked the harshness of the morning cold was his focus on the award.
“The winter in Mongolia is ruthless, unforgiving and very harsh.” He wrote.

“At extremely low temperatures of -200C and below, with a harsh breeze continually blowing from all directions, it was difficult for me to come out of the comfort of my car and take photos.”

Lau developed perseverance for the cold, freezing temperature to get an award. We were wrong to think he award would warm him up to restore some lost heat. Lau won a seven-day trip on a polar bear safari. He will be touring the River Heritage Lodge in Manitoba (Canada). Hope he will endure cold like the snow bears, as he is getting used to.

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