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Sidney Wilson

Sidney Wilson

Sidney Wilson is a 23 year old blogger living in Las Vegas, Nevada originally from the beautiful Seattle, Washington.
A fan of Writing, travel, food, dancing, fitness, people, a well made margarita and occasionally laughing at her own jokes.
Sidney Wilson

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Being a country that prides itself on a simple greeting: Pura Vida or pure life, the Costa Ricans or Ticas, are truly the embodiment of it.

Waking up in the morning for a surf or snorkel, catching and cooking fresh fish by lunch, having your fresh coffee in the afternoon and then ending the night with a little salsa dancing is a common way to spend your day.

An evening spent surrounded by tropical rainforests, and blue waters splashing along a hot sand beach sets the tone for a perfect romantic get-a-way. Picture yourself and your honey laying on top of massage tables out in natures most beautiful backyard. The sounds of natural water falls, and the sweet songs of tropical birds send you into a deep meditative state. What could be more peaceful then that? Costa Rica has many 4 and  5 star resorts lining its shores, many of them an all-inclusive affair ( The massages are extra of course, but if you are looking to set the mood, they are definitely worth every penny!)

For the hopeless romantics that want to devote their eyes on each other for the entirety of the trip, staying in one of the all-inclusive resorts is the most economic deal. Like a mini shopping mall, most resorts provide you with everything you need right at your finger tips. Food, clothing, jewelry, bars, live entertainment, some even have a casino. You can stroll hand in hand and never leave your oasis in the jungle. And why should you? You came to Costa Rica to relax, forget about your 9-5, and not move unless you have to.

A gorgeous land covered in Volcanoes, you can go on a treacherous hike, and cover yourself in the exfoliating volcanic mud once you get to the top. Kayaking, Surfing, Zip lining, Water sliding (Down a man-made slide with fresh mountain water pushing your body at lightning speed! If my pants weren’t tied so tight I would have lost them!), Jet Skiing, Rock Climbing, Rafting, ATVing, Horse back riding and many many more! We picked 4 different activities and made a complete day out of it. Some of these tours are from 7 am – 4 pm so make sure you aren’t embarking without a good nights sleep! The scenery that you will take in makes every minute worth it.

Animal lovers among your group? Costa Rica has a larger proportion of it’s country  designated as protected than anywhere in the world. With many Monkey and wildlife rescue shelters where you can get up close with animals that are being nurtured back to health before their release back to the wild. If you always test your limits like myself, you will try to get as close as you can to a little monkey and snap a picture, I warn you here, that they are fast and known for pocket picking! My Iphone got ripped right out of my hand and dropped before I could blink!


At Corcovado park specifically, all 4 of Costa Rica’s monkey species can be seen. Another unique and rare beauty of the land, is the worlds largest Butterfly conservations, with around 4,000 to ooh and awww at.

At the end of a long day all I wanted was some fresh pipa (you will find this sold on the side of the street at a very reasonable price, and let me tell you it is the most natural delectable coconut water you will drink), and a long nap.

The Ticas are happy and giving people, and as we discovered one night in Coco beach, one of Costa Rica’s most popular beach towns on the North Pacific Coast, they are more than ready to get down on the dance floor until the break of dawn. Coco beach is a small yet charming beach town that has a buzz stronger than a shot of fireball whiskey. Locals and tourists alike, flock to Coco beach for it’s night life options. The main street that goes through the city has dance clubs, restaurants and casinos on either side of it beckoning you to come in, with 2 for 1 drinks and mixes of top 40 hits in the U.S and Spanish flare. You will be able to dine on ridiculously inexpensive Costa Rican home made food, black beans, plantain, yucca, pico de gallo, meat or fish. (Cooked right infront of you with no added flavor or fancy show, the food is fresh and doesn’t need anything but passion.) After you get a meal, grab a beer and a shot of tequila and start your bar hopping. You can easily walk in an out of dance clubs/bars all night and not notice the sun rising to give you a “Shouldn’t you be in bed by now” look. There are no rules on vacation, so enjoy yourself.Other nearby beaches are Ocotal, Playa Hermosa, Flamingo and Playa Panama.

It is the multi dimensional people that are so full of life, love and pride for their country. The Costa Ricans are singers, dancers, surfers, divers, horse back riders, mountain climbers and chefs all in one.You will be in awe of their beauty and talent.

It’s the smell of the fresh coffee grown in Costa Rica, one that makes it the most desired in the world and one of the countries largest exports.

It’s spotting the exotic animals as you walk through the open gardens of your hotel.

It’s the proximity to the equator that cleanses and de-toxifies you in a way you never knew was possible.

It’s pure life.

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