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With a renowned history for artistic passion in numerous disciplines it’s hardly a revelation that South American urban artists have been emerging in their dozens in recent years.

JAZ (title image) is all about BIG. A truly remarkable and very well-known street artist from Buenos Aires is most recognized for his enormous and slightly tripped-out murals. Starting out in the late ‘90s as a member of a generation largely influenced by ‘fileteado porteño’, a popular Argentine design style. This marriage of styles has seen JAZ experiment with a range of new techniques with his work becoming more ambitious as time passes.

Latin street artist stinkfish

Hailing from Bogotá, Colombia, Stinkfish is best known for his almost Dali-esque murals of mind-boggling beauty. Beginning with tags at the age of 16 (his was ‘Stink’). Stencils followed the tags and after a few years of constant development he has established himself as one of the most prominent contemporary artists working in South America.

Latin street artist Martin Ron
Martin Ron

Also from Buenos Aires, Martin Ron is known worldwide for his large scale, hyper realistic murals of surrealist imagery and great visual impact. The scale and realism of his work combined with his nutter-like imagination come together to present astonishing pieces can be seen on large walls around his home town of Buenos Aires, but also worldwide suchas the London Street Art festival (inset)


Internationally recognized in cities from Lebanon to Paris, INTI who originates from Santiago, detailed images of clowns, religious idols and political slants,his work is constantly a commentary of the ongoing struggle of poverty within his home country and around the world.

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Luis Sven Martins, better known as L7M, is a São Paulo based Brazilian street artist of exceptional talent. He started spraypainting graffiti as a young teenager and over the years developed new techniques and styles by experimenting with different materials such as acrylic, pastel, latex and china ink. Keep your eyes open to not miss the chance to see L7M’s art which is covering numerous walls all around the world..


Identical twins Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo make up the creative extravaganza that is Os Gêmeos (The Twins). From tags and grafitti in the late ‘80s to culturally inspired murlals today, these highly influential artists are responsible for various commissioned large scale public works on buildings across the globe such as this one in Portugal which portrays their signature yellow skin characters.

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