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Innovation has been skyrocketing for the past few decades, yet somehow luggage hasn’t seen much of it. However, the unfortunate luggage has now become fortunate as the world has recognized the humble needs of a suitcase. get ready for Intelligent luggage as it’s now known.

It’s equipped with digital technology and the new suitcases are making rather cool appearances in terminals and airports with the goal of these smart suitcases is to make travel a lot easier offering a wide range of functionality encompassing phone charging and GPS tracking.
The company, Berlin start-up Horizn Studios now sells luggage that has the capacity to connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth with the oh-so-amazing feature of this luggage being the alarm system. An alarm will ring in the event that the distance between your bag and your phone is more than 30m.

Another US company, BlueSmart is introducing a similar suitcase in the Intelligent luggage market. The suitcase locks itself when it’s at a certain distance from the owner. It likewise encompasses a built-in-weighing scale that displays weight on the owner’s smartphone. This innovation couldn’t get any better, right? Of course not to be outdone and really, the world’s largest suitcase maker Samsonite wasn’t about to lose market share to scales and alarms.

There is Samsonite’e Geotrakr suitcase. The suitcase links a tracking function with a speedometer that enables to check when it is in flight, ergo, it shuts down to abstain meddling with the aircraft’s electronics and then there’s the self-propelled suitcase from Chinese firm, Cowarobot. Much like your beloved pet, this tech gadget junkies dream will follow the owner through a smartphone connection and sensors will ensure to avoid obstacles amid travels.


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