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The road to Governors Ball Music Festival NYC

The Governors Ball is one of the NYC’s biggest music festivals residing in such an iconic state. Featuring this year’s headliners are big names such as: Kayne West, the Strokes and the Killers… so, there’s no need to wonder why this music festival attracts so many tourists from across the globe!

If you are a newbie to the Big Apple, navigating your way around can seem a little daunting and pretty time consuming .Now, no one is surprised to hear that NYC is actually one of the biggest advocates of biking with a whopping 420 miles’ worth of lanes in the city! It’s our favourite way to travel and we aren’t just saying that because of the exercise, but rather you get to see more of the city while maximizing your time.

There are many places to rent a bike in NYC, however if you’re efficient like us and like to kill two birds with one stone, you can rent your bike at Not only do they provide you with bike rentals, but they also have biking tours available. Imagine being in Central Park, breezing through with the wind in your hair. We all have that one favourite movie that is held in NYC and being able to be in the shoes of those characters is indescribable. Besides being guided around NYC by someone who has been around the blocks a few times is a valuable resource.


Okay, maybe biking isn’t your cup of tea and you much rather take a stroll across the bridge. You have three ways of walking across the RFK Bridge with varying times! Walking across it from Queens is a full 30 minutes, whereas coming across from either Manhattan or Brooklyn is an easy 15-minute journey. It’s beautiful and is definitely a joy to be had in NYC. Let’s face it: if you have been to New York and you HAVEN’T seen the RFK Bridge you are pretty much missing out on life! Being on such a historical piece of history makes you realize just how big the world actually is. It opens your mind and makes you realize that humans have the ability to accomplish so much, that we have the potential to do whatever we want. As long as we take the time and dedication to apply ourselves.

After the day’s end of the festival, it’s more than likely that you may be a bit weee bit tired from all the activities. Call yourself an Uber! Tip: Before you do, though, make sure you take a stroll back to Randall Island’s Park! This will save you the $10 surcharge and you can spend that extra cash on a desired slice of NY’s famous pizza pie.


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