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Double beds in business class, Artificial Intelligent taxies and Airbnb raves – the latest news in travel!

Double Beds coming to Business Class Flights

Qatar Airways has released their new business class concept, the QSuite, which will include a double bed. Now I don’t know about you, but this makes me super excited! Why? Because next year I’m going to be travelling business class, from London to Perth with my 85-year-old Nan, and the QSuite will be available on this route from June 2017.

I have never flown business or first class before – and I probably won’t again, as personally, I still think business travel is overpriced and unless my work is paying for it, I’d prefer to have the extra spending money in my chosen destination. The only reason I’ll be flying business class next year is because my Nan doesn’t fly very well. It takes her a while to recover from jetlag, and she struggles to sit down for long periods of time. Having a double bed, where she can get proper rest, will make recovering from the flight and her first week in Australia a lot more enjoyable. On top of this, prices for QSuite remain comparable to other airline’s business class fares – so, why not?

Qantas might be releasing the longest, non-stop commercial flight from London to Perth, but give me comfort over convenience any day. QSuite sounds like a first class experience, at a business class cost, making it a super bargain, and who doesn’t like a bargain?

Driverless, Flying Cars are Close to becoming a Reality

Airbus and Italdesign have revealed their plans for a flying car that can operate on the ground and in the air, without a human driver! This concept known as, Pop.Up and is planned to operate similar to Uber. The artificial intelligent driver will fly or drive to the passenger, pick up them up and take them to their final destination, before return to a depot for charging.

Now I don’t know about you, but I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, awesome! A safe and reliable taxi service! No more having to worry about getting ripped off by a taxi driver, or missing your flight because the taxi you booked to the airport never showed up. As a female, this is also a cry for relief! Now, I am a bit of a feminist and believe that woman can do anything just as well as the next man, but sadly, there are still some situations where women are more vulnerable than men. I’ve lived in 3 cities where there has been a rape or murder of a female while taking a taxi ride late at night. While this hasn’t prevented me taking cabs in those cities, it’s definitely impacted on a lot of women I know. Pop.Up will end this worry and risk.


On the other hand, I’m reluctant to see all our services be handed over to artificial intelligence. Maybe I’ve watched one to many terminator movies, but I just do not like the thought of AI having so much control. There is also the potential loss of jobs. My partner’s Dad is a taxi driver – he would likely be out of work if this were released.

I’ll have to keep my eye on the progress of Pop.Up. It definitely has potential, but truthfully I still remain undecided.

Airbnb Ticketed Rave in London

One Airbnb guest took their stay a little too far, when they decided to host a ticketed rave in a one-bed Airbnb apartment in North London. The ticketed event included pro-level DJ equipment, a bouncer and over 200 ravers. Authorities were called, however the rave still continued on until 6am, while police tried to gain control over the huge aggressive, crowd.

I love renting places on Airbnb! I have plenty of friends that do it, and I’ve never heard a bad story. I’ve even considered renting out my spare room on Airbnb, and my parents have also considered renting out their house on Airbnb while travelling. However, we all have decided against it – why? Well exactly for this reason. You’re letting strangers into your home, unsupervised. I’m sure 99% of the people you rent to are top notch travellers, that respect your place and leave it as they found it. However, there is that 1% that have to screw it up for everyone else. Clearly, this raver was in that 1%.

I’m sure the guys at Airbnb will help out in this situation, however you still have to ask yourself is it worth the risk and annoyance for that extra bit of cash. I guess this might depend on how much you want and need that extra cash? But, personally, save me the dramas. I’d rather stay in my neighbours good books, and not have to deal with the potential annoyances like this.

What are your thoughts on Double beds in business class, Artificial Intelligent taxies and hosting on Airbnb?

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