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In a Travel Now! first, we wanted to bring to light some of the great photographers currently working around the Mediterranean for whom the sea and surrounds are their undying muse.

Xavi Baragona, Barcelona (title picture above)

Xavi is a mediterranean native whose creative search is in tandem with his questions about life. Always listening to the sea and repeating those sounds through images, text or just the look of silence.


Andy Quarius, Barcelona

An Argentinian based in Barcelona, he is also a film-maker and musician with a searing passion for art, fashion, music, film and of course beautiful women. There’s no part of the globe he wont travel to for something beautiful.



George Hatzakis, Thessaloniki

George is a Thessaloniki local who specializes in fashion then switches over to commercial TV spot with ease.
One of the few independent photographers to employ 3d stills made with a special technic, called ‘freeze time’,or ‘bullet time’ where 100 digital cameras in a special arrangement take 100 still shots in order to using them as video frames for the “3D” movement into the scene.



Antonio Ennas, Sardenia

Based on the Italian island of Sardenia (Sardegna), he works in a studio prefers to shoot on location or in natural surroundings of his beautiful island in natural light.



Raffaello Franiuk, Genoa

Also a graphic designer, photography for Raffaello is a case of
’only passion … and wants it to remain so’
For him photographing bodies , faces , eyes, expressions …
is what makes him happy.


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