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After having “exhaustively reviewed all credible leads”, the FBI has officially ended investigations on one of the greatest unsolved crimes and surely the inspiration for half a dozen Hollywood movies.
In 1971, a gentleman identifying himself as ‘Dan Cooper’ was aboard a Boeing 727 for a 30-minute trip between Portland to Seattle. Shortly after take-off, he calmly passed a note to a nearby flight attendant, whispering the words: “Miss, you’d better look at that note. I have a bomb.” At which he opened the case to reveal eight red cylinders attached to wires and a battery. The note demanded: $200,000 in “negotiable American currency”, four parachutes and a fuel truck standing by in Seattle to refuel the plane. This was given to the cockpit, who informed the authorities. Meanwhile, passengers were unaware that anything was amiss.
At some point during the next few hours, once the plane had refuelled, passengers disembarked and was back in the air, Cooper presumably vanished out the rear cabin doors with the parachutes. To date, none of the 9,710 remaining bills has turned up anywhere in the world and the identity of Cooper remains a mystery.

View the FBI case file here

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